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Jan 11, 2008

Beat The Winter Doldrums

Got a cabin fever? Here are the tricks just might cure you.

1. Embrace winter sports. Go ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, or tubing. These winter activities will get your adrenaline and your blood pumping. They’re also a fun way to winterize your workout for a change of scenery from the treadmill.
2. Fake a tan. Sure, you haven’t been to the beach since August, but you can look like you were there last week. Buy a bottle of sunless tanner, and make your coworkers think you snuck out for a tropical weekend vacation.
3. Learn something new. Break out of your old routine with a new hobby. Sign up for an art class, start a collection, try scrapbooking, or learn to play an instrument.
4. Get a houseplant. Brighten up your home with colorful flowers and plants. Pretty pink orchids, winter-blooming cyclamen, and exotic flowering goldfish plants can add a splash of summer to any room.
5. Accessorize—with your own projects. Meet up with a knitting group and make your own hats and scarves. Or buy some fun, colorful beads at a craft store, and learn how to make jewelry.
6. Pamper yourself. Rinse away dead, dry winter skin cells with a facial. Or treat yourself to a massage or a pedicure.
7. Be colorful. Don’t wear black. Liven up your wardrobe, and stay in step with current fashion trends—with an orange dress or bright pink top.
8. Eat salmon. This pink fish is rich in vitamin D, a nutrient from the sun that is often lacking during winter months. Boost your mood and your vitamin D levels with this 10-minute salmon recipe.
9. Bundle up and go for a walk. Wrap your scarf around you, pull on that knit hat, and get outside. Everything looks prettier after a fresh snowfall. If there’s no snow, you can simply enjoy the calmness of the quiet winter streets.
10. Be positive. Studies have shown that optimists live longer, healthier lives. And an upbeat attitude just might help you get through the winter.