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Jan 5, 2008

Storm " Fire & Snow"

We never know when a crisis hit us. We cannot predict it, we would never expect it.
Pass fall california had the big fire and people loose thier house and belonging. Alot of people loose everything they have. And now they have the winter Storm. I was reading the news in the internet and it was so overwhelming what is happening.

A dangerous layer of heavy snow covered the Northern California mountains and a levee break flooded hundreds of homes in Nevada on Saturday as a major storm continued pummeling the West Coast. Thousands of homes and businesses had been blacked out in California, Oregon and Washington and thousands of residents had been told to leave their homes in mudslide-prone areas of Southern California. The mandatory evacuation orders were later lifted, though residents were urged to stay away from their homes.Avalanche warnings were posted for the backcountry of the central Sierra Nevada and flash flood warnings were in effect for many areas of Southern California, where large swaths of hillsides had been denuded by the fall's wildfires.Remote sensors and ski areas in the high Sierra Nevada had recorded up to 5 feet since Friday morning, and the west side of the Lake Tahoe Basin already had 4 to 5 feet by Friday night, the National Weather Service office in Reno, Nev., said Saturday.Rain and wind from the third storm in as many days arrived in California's capital before the last one finished dumping snow in the mountains.As much as 9 feet of snow was possible in the Sierra by Sunday. "Attempting to travel in the Sierra will put your life at risk," the weather service warned.East of the Sierra in Nevada's Lyon County, a levee broke early Saturday along an agricultural canal, spilling water as much as 3 feet deep into the town of Fernley and stranding about 3,500 people, authorities said. Rescuers used school buses, boats and helicopters to take people to shelters.