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Sep 2, 2009

Mac to Windows Compatibility without Compromise

As a performance-focused software company, Group Logic has covered a lot of distance since opening its doors in 1988. Grouplogic.com successfully worked through more than 80 commercial releases, built an impressive client list of more than 4,000 leading companies, and won recognition and respect as a leader in our industry.

It’s a strong track record. But grouplogic see a new starting line every day, a fresh chance to deliver new opportunities and greater value to their customers that in turn bring key business advantages to their network operations.

At Group Logic we look beyond the digital bells and whistles. This is still a people business, where commitment and reliability make all the difference in creating a lasting partnership. That’s why more than 4,000 top companies trust grouplogic.com every day to move their mission-critical data around their enterprise-and around the world.

Are Mac clients a critical component of your IT infrastructure? Have you struggled with ways to integrate them seamlessly into your Windows File & Print Server environment? Fundamental differences between the Mac and Windows operating systems can make this integration a challenge.

Now achieve even greater productivity with the most advanced compatibility between mac to windows servers.
The industry's most trusted solution for seamless file and printer sharing between Mac desktops and Windows servers, ExtremeZ-IP is the only Windows-based server software today that actively supports all Mac OS versions from OS 9 to OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

Backed by years of engineering and customer-driven enhancements, ExtremeZ-IP is the most compatible and stable Windows-based AFP server solution on the market – the file sharing protocol designed to fully support the Mac experience. With ExtremeZ-IP you get seamless integration while maintaining the complete Mac experience for end-users. You also get a powerful suite of administrator features that will enable you to manage your business more efficiently. Try their product, call group logic or go online.