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Oct 12, 2008

Passing An Award Tag

When you recieved and award tag from friend over the blogosphere what would you do?How would you feel about it? Would you be honor to accept it and post it on your blog and thank the person who passes you the tag award? If you ask me! Yes I would greatly be honored . As recently, I had gotten a tag award from a friend  over the blogosphere. Yes , I dont know her, but I was honored to handing this kind of award tag. As go on in posting it to my blog. I have passed this tag award to some bloggers, Some of them was so greatful to got the award tag. But I tell you! There was one blogger who accepted my tag award , yes she posted it and all that, she left me a message on my message box how greatful she was to have the award tag.  And  I said my myself ok, cool. But when I visited her site and read about it. Well! I found it so sarcastic!  She said on her post with the tag. She was honored to have gotten the award tag and she doesn't even know the person who have passed her the tag award. But she posted it anyway. I found this sarcastic. Wouldn't you?

As far as I know, if someone given you a tag award. You have the choice, wethere you know that person or not. You have the choices either to accept it or just ingored it. Some of bloggers over the internet, they think they are all that. One thing I can say" What comes around , Goes arounnd". Or the other way around. Peace!