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Oct 24, 2008

Give Your Kitchen a New Look

Develope a kitchen style of your very own such as the french country kitchen. Be inspired by other creations, but your final decision should be yours and follow your heart.

    Start off by analyzing your home in comparison to your kitchen. Make sure whatever style you choose its blends in with the rest of the house. If the french country kitchen is something you always loved go with that. Don't be afraid to try something different.
    If there is money in the budget hire a decorator for 1 to 2 hours, it can get you off to a great start.
    Invest in a good kitchen book and a few kitchen magazines.
    Fill a folder with pictures and notes obtained from your books, magazines and decorator.
   5. Choose a style such as contemporary, traditional, country, cottage or a combination that fits which the rest of the home.
    If country is your style, you can add a center island with a drop leaf table and add a mantle above the cabinets to display English china.
  Have an older contemporary kitchen and want to update it. Add a fresh coat of paint and change your appliances to the sleek look of steel.
    For a complete new look, traditional kitchens have a style that basically goes with everything in your home. The cabinets can pass for a contemporary look or a country look.
    If you decide for example to go with the French country kitchen. You can add a shabby vintage look to this style, visit your local thrift shops for old china, old pictures even an old butcher block table can add charm to your kitchen.

     You can mix styles, for instance combining french country colors with a traditional style.
     Fill you folder with your favorite colors and pictures.
     Lay them out and start visualizing.
     Try changing your backsplash to a recycled glass mosaic tile- the newest trend!

     Don't let a decorator take over; you should make the final decision.
     Make sure that before you proceed in redoing your kitchen style, you talk things out with your partner in a positive way. This should be a joint effort.
     Taking over a project when there is a second party involved will cause arguments and hard feelings.


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