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Mar 31, 2008


There was a news at CNN this morning .We all know that economy are getting so bad. Forclosure of home. The scene that i saw on tv this morning was debastating. Banks are taking houses away from the owner.Eventhough people aren't present at the residence , the police and moving staff had to move the furniture of the residence of the house that was in forclosure. Some people doesn't want to leave, because they don' have somewhere to go. Some people trust the houses just before they leave. It was so heart breaking what was going on this Country, seem everything is falling apart .

Sometime i set and think about how lucky i am and those people around me that i know they still have a roof to lay thier headdown at night. House that keep them warm. There is a lot to be thankful for, considering others are suffering . A lot to be thankful .


Bill & Gina said...

I understand what you are saying. Here in Arizona it is the same way. House are going into forclosure because the people can not make the payments. I guess we just have to count our blessing that we are still ok. Take care.

March 31, 2008 at 4:28 PM