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Mar 1, 2008

Beware about Hiring Nanny

Was watching a news tonight and the news about the nanny that were watching twin baby who was born premie. It was so shocking that the "Nanny" was for interested on watching Tv, and food on the kitchen rather than taking care of the poor babies properly. The baby's parent's put a vedio to record what was going on while they are at work , and the nany didn't know about. As the vedio that was shown on the news. The nanny carelessly hold the baby up with the piece of the baby's clothing! So that the baby can set for bottle feeding. Wasn't that so cruel or not! And while the nanny was sitting on the couch and watching tv and the remote control was on her right hand. The Other baby was on her chest supposse to be and she suppose to be supporting the baby with the other hand and when the nanny's head need to to be scratch..... she let go of the baby and the baby roled over and got drop down on the couch by the nanny's side. It was so sad watching the vedio. The nanny suppose to be caring the babies . Not feeling up her stomach with food and watching tv. I couldn't stand watching it. But I have to . It was a cruel scenery. I am pretty sure that some of you had seen it.

So , for those New mom or mommies that have small kids or kids in gereral. Just be careful hiring a baby sitter when you are planning to go back to work. Make sure do the interviewing and know the background of that person.


Acne Removal said...

well I'm a little upset. I just spent $250 bones on new glasses. Ill know next time thanks for the info.

May 1, 2009 at 4:59 PM