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Dec 28, 2007


Everytime Holidays ( Thanks giving , Christmas etc. ) comes everyone get's to stress up and busy. I have been. Been busy helping out my inlaws for those holidays. Had been going to bed late at night. Holidays was nice , its because it will give family to get together and catch up what's going on on everyone's life. But sometimes Holiday's bring's family together just to act like a "freak" and everyones mood sometimes gets ruin.

But ... Thankgoodness its over. Oh wait its not over. I still have one party to egt too. Its a Debutante Ball. My step daughter is on a debutante ball for tomorrow, and we have to go to rehearsal ( i wonder if i spell that right ). anyway yeah! The Ball is tomorrow night. I have to wear a long gown, and walk on those high hell ( i hope I won't fall down) . But Anyway i am if its over so that everybody can relax for the new year.