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Jun 25, 2008

Was sick Yesterday

I started my day late yesterday. I started to check my account at PPP and trying to take the Oppps that I reserve when my sight started spinning.I stopped for a little bit and continue but I couldn't. And I started trowing up. I guessing that maybe something I ate for breakfast.Food poisoning or something. But the only food I ate was, has brown and bacon and a half of a Cinnamon bagel with cream cheese. Anyway, I trow up all the food I ate for breakfast and cannot get any food down later on. It was a miserable day. I tried resting and keep some fluid down. I guess that I had a stomach flue. I tell ya, It wasn't' fun. I had felt a little bit better later on that day and decided to go for a short distance walk. But I was still felling sick. I felt better today though. Thank goodness.


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